ALT ⌥ CMD ⌘ Secrets

In 2014 Apple’s former iconic graphic designer Susan Kare explained↗︎ the design process behind the ⌘ command symbol1.

The ⌘ command-key can cover a wide range of shortcuts, combined with the ⌥ alt or ⇧ shift-key the possibilities are countless. However, there are also other use-cases the alt and command keys can be used to trigger different interaction behaviours with the operating system.

You can interact with background windows or buttons pressing cmd ⌘ without leaving the frontmost’s application or window

Sort menubar applets by custom order ⌘ cmd

Duplicate a file/folder ⌥ alt or create an alias ⌘ cmd

⌥ alt triggers proportional resizing of windows or graphics

Reveal additonal Menubar items hitting ⌥ alt

Reveal optional menu items in the Dock ⌥ alt

Toggle between “Maximize” and “Fullscreen” using ⌥ alt

Hold down ⌘ cmd while opening a folder to open it in a new tab

Copy the path holding ⌥ alt instead of the file